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Waste water, pool and spa filtration

Microbiological testing is critical in stopping the spread of bacteria and viruses. Pool and Spa Testing Solutions. Weoffer a range of easy to use kits Public pools Natare pools Tailor-made Fitness and Therapy Pools Hotels and Resort Pools Elevated and rooftop pools

We are distributing Pool Water Testing, Spa Water Tester, Spa & Pool Photometer

Lumiso Pooltest 3 is ideal for monitoring of outdoor pools, covering the three main tests chlorine, ph and cyanuric acid.

Lumiso Pooltest 4 is ideal for testing spas and indoor pools, inclusive of tests for alkalinity, bromine, chlorine and ph.

The Lumiso Pooltest 6 provides simple and effective pool testing for service engineers and pool managers: alkalinity, bromine, calcium hardness, chlorine, cyanuric acid and pH. Pooltest 25 Photometer Pooltest 10 Photometer Pooltest 9 Photometer