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Palintest kits

Wagtech Potakit - Model PTW 10030 Microbiological Capacity : Wagtech incubator with consumables for 200 tests for Thermotolerant/Faecal Coliforms or Total Coliforms. Optional Nutridisk capability for additional parameters including Faecal Streptococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella and E. coli Physico-Chemical Parameters : Includes Ammonia, Arsenic, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Nitrate, Nitrite, Turbidity, pH, Conductivity. Additional parameters available.

Potalab+ Kit, Wagtech Physico-Chemical Parameters Includes ammonia, arsenic, free chlorine, total chlorine, fluoride, nitrate, nitrite, turbidity, pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS). Additional parameters available (see photometers section).

Lumiso Expert photometer

Lumiso Expert is a robust multi-parameter photometer with an extensive range of testing parameters.

Lumiso Expert photometer Advantages

Palintest water testing multi-parameter bench top photometer offering an extensive range of over 75 tests to ensure all your water testing needs are covered.

  • Highly Accurate and Reliable Results.
  • Designed to be Used in Challenging Environments. The instrument is IP67 rated for waterproofing and humidity, meaning use with wet hands or the occasional sample spillage will not be an issue.
  • Ideal Data for Auditing, Compliance and Data Management. Measurements taken are saved automatically, including the test data, date, time, and any user, labels or notes. The instrument stores up to 1000 results which are accessible via the device’s screen.
  • Test Results in just a Few Clicks. Quick and easy
  • Readily available replacement reagents usually with 250 tests per pack. Competitive prices of consumables make cost per test very low.


Kemio™ is the next generation measurement platform, delivering the validation you need from a method you can trust.

  • Multiparameter testing platform – available in disinfection & heavy metals variants
  • A truly simple test method, Kemio requires no user training.
  • Remove admin errors and improve traceability, with automatic data logging of 10,000 results
  • Suitable for all sample types, not affected by colour, turbidity, floating particles or ambient light
  • Get clear pass/fail results for confident decision making
  • For use in both the laboratory or in the field, Kemio™ is lightweight and durable

Lumiso Photometers

Lightweight and handheld, our Lumiso photometers are designed for complete portability to perform testing, anywhere. Perform advanced digital testing, ideal for field and benchtop use


Wagtech™ has long been established as the leading supplier of portable water test kits to the international development sectors.


SirenBW is an innovative approach to bathing water monitoring, using established science to provide real-time information for pathogen risk.


Simple and effective visual testing, available in a range of formats

Electrochemical Meters

Palintest offer a range of electrochemical meters to suit all budgets and performance requirements, from simple Pocket Meters to advanced Water Quality Systems.

Soil Testing Kits

Maximise crop yield and minimise the impact of wasted stock with Palintest soil test kits.

Non-Testing Products

Wide range of non-testing products which can be used with our test kits.

Reagents and Sensors

Palintest offers a wide range of reagents and sensors to support all your testing needs.

  • AP011 DPD1, Chlorine(free), Phot, 0-5mg/L Cl₂, 250 Tests
  • P013 DPD1 XF,Chlorine(free),Phot,0-10mg/L Cl₂,250 Tests
  • P017 DPD Oxystop, Phot, Oxystop
  • P021 DPD 2, Monochloramine Test, Phot, 0 - 5mg/L NH₂Cl
  • P031 DPD1&DPD3,F&T Chlorine,Phot,0-5mg/L Cl₂, 250 Tests
  • P031/1 DPD3, Total Chlorine, Phot, 0-5mg/L Cl₂, 250 Tests
  • P033 DPD1&DPD3 XT,F&T Chlorine,Phot,0-10mg/L Cl₂,250 PK
  • P033/1 DPD3 XT, Chlorine, Phot, 0-10mg/L Cl₂, 250 Tests
  • P041 DPD 4,Total Chlorine, Phot, 0-5mg/L Cl₂, 250 Tests
  • P052 Chlorine Dioxide&Chlorite,0-10mg/L ClO₂,250 Tests
  • P056 Ozone, Phot, 0-2mg/L O₃, 250 Tests
  • P060 Bromine, Phot, 0-10mg/L Br₂, 250 Tests
  • P087 Cyanuric, Phot, 0-200mg/L CNA, 250 Tests
  • P104 Hydrogen Peroxide LR,Phot, 0-2mg/L H₂O₂, 250 Tests
  • P105 Hydrogen Peroxide HR,Phot,0-100mg/L H₂O₂,250 Tests
  • P109 Nitricol, Phot, 0 - 5mg/L NO₂, 250 Tests
  • P114 Phosphate HR, Phot, 0 - 100mg/L PO₄, 250 Tests
  • P130 Phenol Red, Phot, pH 6.8 - 8.4, 250 Tests
  • P148 Zinc, Phot, 0 - 4mg/L Zn, 250 Tests
  • P152 Ammonia, Phot, 0 - 1.0 mg/L (N) - 250 Tests
  • P154 Sulfate, Phot, 0-200mg/L SO₄, 250 Tests
  • P155 Iron LR, Phot, 0 - 1mg/L Fe, 250 Tests
  • P156 Iron HR, Phot, 0 - 10mg/L Fe, 250 Tests
  • P162 Chlorine HR, Phot, 0 - 250mg/L Cl₂, 250 Tests
  • P163 Nitratest, Phot, 0 - 20.0mg/L NO₃, 200 Tests
  • P166 Aluminium, Phot, 0 - 0.5mg/L Al, 250 Tests
  • CKH2005 Contour Comparator Kit, 0-8mg/L Br₂/pH Phenol Red
  • LMC001 Lumiso Pool Check Standards Kit
  • LMC005D Lumiso Chlorine,Chlorine Dioxide,Ozone Check Stds
  • AP168 Sulfide, Phot, 0 - 0.5mg/L S, 200 Tests
  • P173 Manganese LR, Phot, 0 - 0.03mg/L Mn, 250 Tests
  • P174 Manganese HR, Phot, 0 - 5mg/L Mn, 250 Tests
  • P175 Molybdate HR, Phot, 0 - 100mg/L MoO₄, 250 Tests 12
  • P177 Phosphate LR, Phot, 0-4mg/L PO₄, 200 Tests
  • P179 Fluoride, Phot, 0 - 1.5mg/L F, 200 Tests
  • P181 Silica, Phot, 0 - 4mg/L Si, 200 Tests
  • P186 Coppercol, Phot, 0 - 5mg/L Cu, 250 Tests
  • P187 Coppercol (FREE), Phot, 0 - 5mg/L Cu, 250 Tests
  • P188 Alkalinity Total(AlkaPhot),0-500mg/L CaCO₃, 250pk
  • P189 Potassium, Phot, 0 - 12mg/L K, 250 Tests
  • P192 Alkalinity, Comp, 0 - 250mg/L CaCO₃, 250 Tests
  • P193 Magnecol, Photometer, 0-100 mg/L Mg, 250 Tests
  • P250 AlkaPhot M,0-500mg/L CaCO₃,250 Tests
  • P251 AlkaPhot P,0-500mg/L CaCO₃,250 Tests
  • P252 Calcium Hardness, 0 – 500mg/L CaCO₃, 250 Tests
  • P254 Hardness, Phot, 0 - 500mg/L CaCO₃, 250 Tests
  • P258 Molybdate LR, Phot, 0 - 20mg/L MoO₄, 200 Tests
  • P260 NitriPhot, Phot, 0 - 1500mg/L NaNO₂
  • P266 Sulfite, Phot, 0 - 500mg/L SO₃, 250 Tests
  • P268 Chloride, Phot, 0 - 50,000mg/L NaCl, 250 Tests
  • P281 Chromicol, Phot, 0 - 1.0mg/L Cr (VI), 250 Tests
  • P284 Nickeltest, Phot, 0 - 10.0mg/L Ni, 200 Tests
  • P290 Silica HR, Phot, 0 - 150mg/L Si, 200 Tests
  • P292 Iron MR, Phot, 0 - 5mg/L Fe, 250 Tests
  • CKD1105 Cont Comp Disc Hydrogen Peroxide, 0-100mg/L H₂O₂
  • CKD1109 Contour Comparator Disc Nitrite 0 - 0.4mg/L N
  • CKH2001 Contour Comparator Kit, 0-5mg/L Cl₂/pH Phenol Red
  • CKH2002 Contour Comparator Kit, 0-2mg/L Cl₂/pH CHL/pH Red
  • CKH2003 Contour Comparator Kit, 0-1mg/L Cl₂/pH Phenol Red
    • LMC005N Lumiso Ammonia Check Standards Kit
    • LMP003 Hard Kit, Lumiso Pooltest 3
    • LMP004 Hard Kit, Lumiso Pooltest 4
    • SK100 Soil pH & Lime Requirement Kit
    • K200 Soil Fertility Kit
    • K300 Soil Management Kit
    • K600 Soil Kit Accessory Pack
    • KR001 Soil Nitrogen Reagent Pack
    • KR002 Soil Phosphorous Reagent Pack V
    • KR003 Soil Phosphorous Reagent Pack P
    • KR004 Soil Potassium Reagent Pack
    • KR005 Soil Magnesium & Calcium Reagent Pack
    • KR006 Soil Aluminium Reagent Pack
    • KR007 Soil Ammonia Reagent Pack
    • KR008 Soil Copper Reagent Pack
    • KR009 Soil Iron Reagent Pack
    • KR010 Soil Manganese Reagent Pack
    • KW400 Professional Soil Management Kit
    • KW500 Complete Soil Kit
    • P304 Sewage Effluent Kit
    • T-2106 Soil Test, Extract N, Powder, 50 Tests
    • T-2116 Soil Test, Extract P Tablets, 50 Tests
    • T-2127 Soil Test, Extract K, Powder, 50 Tests
    • T-2136 Soil Test, Extract A, Reagent, 50 Tests
    • T-2146 Soil Test, Extract C, Reagent, 250 Tests
    • T-2200 Soil Test, Soil pH, Reagent, 50 Tests
    • T-2210 Soil Test, Lime Buffer, Reagent, 50 Tests
    • T-2237 Soil Test, Nitratest N, Powder, 50 Tests
    • T-2240 Soil Test, Nitricol N, Reagent, 50 Tests
    • T-2260 Soil Test, Phosphate P, Reagent, 50 Tests
    • T-2275 Soil Test, Acidifying S, Reagent, 50 Tests
    • T-2276 Soil Test, Acidifying S, Reagent, 150 Tests
    • T-2280 Soil Test, Potassium K, Reagent, 50 Tests
    • T-2297 Soil Test, Calcium S, Reagent, 450F
    • T-2320 Soil Test, Ammonia S, Reagent, 50 Tests
    • T-2345 Soil Test, Aluminium S, Reagent, 50 Tests
    • T-2370 Soil Test, Iron MR S, Reagent, 50 Tests
    • T-2395 Soil Test, Manganese S, Reagent, 50 Tests
    • T-2410 Soil Test, Sulfate S, Reagent, 50 Tests