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Medical Equipment

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Pipette Tips

Homogenizing Bags

Virus sampling tube& Vials

PCR 8 coupled tubes

Medical Biohazard Bag

  • Bag consumables series
  • Liquid handing series
  • Sample handing series
  • Microbiology and cell culture series
  • Protection series
  • PTFE product series
  • Reagent series
    • UV Visible Spectrophometer
    • Analytical Balance Model: BA-E2204 Capacity: 220g Precision: 0.0001g, with shield autocalibration. 78,000Kshs
    • PIPE-TF Single-channel Fixed Volume Volume: 200ul=4500
    • PIPE-TF Single-channel Fixed Volume Volume: 5000ul=4500
    • Vaccine Coolers: Biosafety Cabinet, Laminar flow cabinet, Microplate reader, Incubators, Freeze dryer,
    • Plastic cryogenic vials 2ml 100pcs/pack=3000
    • (a) Autoclavable medical-biohazard bag, 41.5x60cm, 50pcs/pack=4200
      (b)Non autoclavable medical waste bag, 80X90cm 100pcs/pack =3,000

    PCR Machine

    Medical Cooler box

    Nucleic Acid Extractor

    Autoclave, Class N/B

    Biochemistry AnalyzerAuto

    Hematology Analyzer, 5 Parts

    Auto Hematology Analyzer

    DNA/RNA Extraction Kit -GFV502

    Laminar Flow Cabinet

    Fume Hood, FMH-P1200, -P1500,

    Microwave Digestion System

    Kjeldahl Digestion System, KJD

    TOC Analyzer

    urine analyzer machine

    Kjeldahl System

    BOD Refrigerated Incubator, ICB-E Series

    Rotary Evaporator

    Nucleic Acid Extractor, Automatic, NAE-0132

    Ultra-low Temperature Refrigerator

    Laboratory Refrigerator

    Laboratory Incubator

    Glassware Washer

    Anaerobic Incubator

    Freeze Dryer

    Analytical Balance

    Oil free Vacuum Pump

    Shaker, Mixer,Stirrer

    Centrifuge machine

    Drying Oven


    Water Bath

    Liquid Nitrogen Tank




    Water Purifier

    Trolley-type Ultrasound Machine,

    7 In 1 PH/TDS/EC/CF/ORP/Moisture