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We offer HPLC & GC Reagents, Glassware, Filter Papers, Analytical Reagents (AR Grade), Laboratory Reagents and Molecular Biology Grade . HPLC & GC Reagents, Glassware, Filter Papers.

Karl Fischer Standards

All Karl Fischer standards are Certified Reference Materials, produced and calibrated

Analytical Reagents

Analytical Reagents Alkalinity standards Analitycal Reagents & Standards & Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Conductivity Standard Solutions MBAS Osmolality Standards pH Buffer Solutions Pt-Co/ Hazen Standards TIC, TOC, Total Dissolved Solids, Total Hardness Turbidity Standard Solutions, Volumetric Solutions pH Indicators Papers with Colour Scale Proteins / Proteins Derivatives Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Redox Indicator Stain & Dyes Bio Chemicals, Fine Chemicals

Solvents and Acids

Solvents are an essential component of a wide range of formulated products --- from electroplating, semi-conductors, cosmetics, health care products and pharmaceuticals to cleaners and adhesives. We offer wide range of solvents in various grades for most research, laboratory and industry uses. Most of stocks are available

Inorganic Chemical

We offer various inorganic fine chemicals and reagent chemicals. Our products with full choices are widely used by customers at laboratory research and at industry use and have won good reputation by quality and excellent service. Our wide variety inorganic includes high purity inorganic & alkali metals (purity 99.9999%, 99.999%, 99.99%, 99.9%), metal oxides, nitrates, acetates and carbonates

Standards & Reference Materials

Thousands of Reference Materials, Inorganic Standards, including AA, ICP, ICP/MS, EPA and ASTM Methods, Wear Metals, Sulfur Standards, Wet Chemical Standards, and more are available. Most of them come with Certificate of Analysis and MSDS. In addition, we are specialized in Chinese Drug and Natural Compound & Extract. Besides, we offer NIST, BP, USP, CRM, GBW, national standard material.