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About Us

Moris One Enterprises is a company that was established in 2010 and its foundation is based on more than a decade long experience in this exciting field of scientific expertise, research, service, supply and distribution.

Our promise.

Quality Products and Services that is prompt and efficient Consistent emphasis is putting you the customer first Courtesy Friendly and Courteous staff. Moris One Enterprises was formed with the aim of serving small, medium and large Enterprises with the goal of meeting our clients dynamic needs to ensure sustainability Moris One Enterprises Techs has adhered to a “Customer Centre” philosophy that puts each and every customer first and delivers what each client defines as values morisentreprises Techs is a company that supplies a variety of consumables to manufacturing industries, Food Services, Beverage, Healthcare, Laboratory Reagents, Water-care, Mining, Cleaning as well as cosmetic chemicals

  • our mission

To be recognized by our core markets as a reliable supplier of Laboratory Reagents which meet their specific requirements. To continue delivering a service level that meets and exceeds customers’ requirements


We have witnessed the ever growing biomedical and biochemical research progression. We help you with all the solutions you may require for the industry with prompt at any point in time. Customer centricity is our motto.

Microbiology and biotechnology

Biotechnology & Fermentation Prepared Media - Ready Prepared Plates dehydrated culture media, biological media bases, media supplements, sterile dehydrated culture media.…

Laboratory and industrial chemicals

We supply biochemicals, fine chemicals, enzyme substrates, antibiotics, buffers, stains-indicators, Bio Chemicals, Ion pair reagents, speciality chemicals, standard solutions, acids HPLC/AR, kits…

Laboratory equipment

Our product range includes a wide range of atomic absorption spectrophotometer, flame photometer, uv-vis spectrophotometer, photo colorimeter, melting point apparatus and water and soil analysis kit. ...

Electrical balances, scales and liquid handling

Geared for high-performance with up to 0.01mg readability and capacities up to 220g. The AutoCal™ Internal Calibration system ensures accuracy of results in ..

Water testing equipment

We supply water testing kits, water testing kits reagents, water waste and boiler reagents. Master Distributor of Milwaukee Equipmentss,Lovibond Tintometer,Delagua water Testing kits,Hach,Palintest, Hanna Equipment.

Material testing

Beverage,Packaging and quality testing equipment…

Personal protection equipment: PPE

We believe in providing personnel protective equipment under one roof. Our products are certified and manufactured by an ISO certified factories using innovative designs with the latest technology. Our Range of Personal Protective Equipment.


Our Laboratory Glassware products are an important part of scientific laboratories wherever the highest quality is required. Our borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of expansion, for resistance to heat, and a very high resistance to chemical attack.

Water science

Water Filter Cartridges, Water Filter Housings, Water Filtration Systems, Deionized Water & Systems, Laboratory Water Filters, Laboratory Water, Systems UV Sterilizers and Parts, Water Pumps Water Quality Meters, Flow Meters, Ion Exchange Resins..

Waste water, pool ans spa filtraion

We are suppliers of water testing equipment and reagents offering analysis solutions for all types of water systems and industries

Equipment for quality contol

Analytical equipment used for QA/QC studies such as raw-material evaluation and stability testing include clean benches, balances, moisture analyzers, spectrophotometers and stability chambers.

Filtration equipment

We have the right lab filtration products for your application. Glass microfiber lab filters have a fine capillary structure and can absorb significantly larger quantities of water than an equivalent filter.

Medical equipment

Our comprehensive range of products includes Pipette Tips, Hematology Analyzer, 5 Parts, Nucleic Acid Extractor, Microwave Digestion System, BOD Refrigerated Incubator, ICB-E Series, Nucleic Acid Extractor, Automatic, NAE-0132. .

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